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  1. moritz Jan 02, 2019

    Quote by donicila Happy New Year moritz! :3

    Thanks for your Wishes and Happy New Year too !

  2. agent-Achika Oct 12, 2018

    Gd evening Donicila!
    Nice to meet you?
    How are U?
    Got any fun hobbies?

  3. minayuri Mar 02, 2018


  4. Masterchief80 Jan 16, 2017

    Thanks Donicila for your favs on my Amagi Brilliant Park scans.

  5. moritz Jan 01, 2017

    The Wishing Hedgehog Wishes You a Happy New Year !


  6. moritz Dec 26, 2016

    Quote by donicila Merry Christmas moritz! ^^

    Merry Christmas to you too, Donicila !


  7. Masterchief80 Dec 25, 2016

    Quote by donicilaMerry Christmas Master! ^^

    Thanks a lot for your wishes Donicila.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. Masterchief80 Nov 09, 2016

    Thanks for your favs on my latest scans Donicila.

  9. Masterchief80 Oct 16, 2016

    Thanks Donicila for your all favs and as for scans it will be more of them:)

  10. Masterchief80 Sep 17, 2016

    Thanks for your favs Donicila.

  11. Masterchief80 Aug 06, 2016

    Thanks Donicila for your favs on my High School DxD scans. I appreciate it.

  12. Masterchief80 Jul 18, 2016

    Thanks for your favs Donicila.

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